Facebook announces ‘awesome new feature’ which looks abit like Google+

Facebook this week announced a partnership with Skype to put video chatting and calling onto Facebook. This comes a couple of weeks after Mark Zuckerburg got a google+ account with ‘Hangouts’. Is this a direct copy? Will you have to pay to chat with more than one person? Only time will tell. I also promise that the next updates won’t all be about Google+


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Hello and Google+ Thoughts

I’m Matt Smith and I’m going to blog about technology and the media etc. If you would like to follow me on twitter I am @matt_smith2011. I don’t know how many of you have Google+ or have heard about it but from what I have seen and heard about it I think for once Facebook might have a competitor. The circles idea would help me alot with my feed because for example on facebook i have different ages and some people know me better than others and different status’ correspond to that. The only hurdle I can see google falling at is the fact that people who use facebook happily now, might not want change. What do you think? Will you be getting Google+? Facebook Killer?

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